The right choice!

Right now you're probably wondering...Should I rent a machine and do the job myself? If not, who should I hire? Certainly there are other lesser Bobcat services you could choose, some even deceptively appear to be about $15 or $20 per hour cheaper than Bobcat Man. But typically they are running little 4,000 lb. rubber tire machines with 50 horsepower or less. The ubiquitous Bobcat 763, for example, is only 48 HP, a Bobcat 743 only 38 HP, A Bobcat 463 a meager 22.5. Those aren't even half the machine Bobcat Man's 8,000 lb., 66 HP turbocharged T590 track machine is (turbocharging adds 45% to 50% additional HP giving the T590 95 to 99 HP! And the huge track surface vs. tires gives far superior pushing power over the tiny ground contact tires provide).

Often the competition shows up with off-brand knock offs, Bobcat Man always shows up with a REAL Bobcat!

How would it look if Bobcat Man showed up sporting a Takeuchi? LOL.

The T590's big bucket, stable platform due to weight, superior traction, faster speed and far more powerful engine = more of the work you need done completed far faster and far better!

Why pay $85 per hour for 9 hours ($765) or more, when, if your job is within my normal service area, by taking advantage of the current special coupon rate (see the Rates & Internet Discount Coupon tab at left) you can pay just $575 (for up to 5 hours of work!) OR EVEN FAR LESS, like $199 for simple tasks such as gravel spreading listed in Bobcat Man's current coupon section and get a better job to boot? In other words, hire someone with a smaller machine and you're stuck paying about 75% of Bobcat Man's hourly rate but getting less than 50% of the work because with their tiny under-powered, rubber tire machine, the math says they'll take nearly twice as long!

Often we're called in AFTER folks have rented or hired out a smaller machine that lacked the power to do some portions of the job. Do you really want to pay twice?

Some people see only the hourly rate and mistakenly think the lower hourly rate number is some sort of bargain, experience and machine size/power don't figure into their equation. It's the intelligent people who do their research that keep us in business. They verify the slightly higher hourly rate for over double the machine and extra experience means the job will cost far less, not more, and is the far better deal. Then they hire Bobcat Man asap!

And Bobcat Man shows up for the job! Many others do not!

Renting? In most cases renting a Bobcat for rent or similar skid steer loader is an even worse choice than hiring some other Bobcat for hire operator, please see the sidebar to the right.



BOBCAT!!! Above pic: Bobcat Man shores up an eroding creek bank with rock on a job in Goodlettsville, TN. Middle: Bobcat Man using the forks to move logs at a bobcat-for-hire job near Hendersonville, TN. Below: Loading a dumpster with dirt from a driveway expansion on a typical Nashville, TN bobcat-for hire job.

The T590 Bobcat run by an experienced Bobcat Man is a winning combo...a match made in Bobcat heaven you might say. "I wait to get you guys" said Johnny, a contractor I work for regularly who builds new houses in Antioch, Tennessee, "Because you and your machine can do what no one else I've hired before over the years can!"


Before You Rent A Bobcat

Know this: A "you charge too much, Bobcat Man, I'll just rent one" $225 bobcat skid steer rental can easily morph into costing you between $500 and $600 by checkout time. It sounds totally crazy but that's exactly how it's designed to happen. You're lured in by the "rental fee," later the sales tax is added, then insurance is almost surely added to arrive at the "out-the-door" price. To add some insult to that injury, when you try to load you'll probably discover the pickup truck you intended to haul the machine with isn't legal for hauling that much weight and you must pay the store big bucks to deliver the machine. Once it arrives, you will indeed use expensive diesel fuel and plenty of it.

Check this: Your total cost will likely be MORE THAN DOUBLE the rental fee once one-day insurance, sales tax, delivery fees and fuel useage are calculated.

And you can't self-pickup even a little 35 HP Bobcat with a Ford F-150 or other half-ton pickup. At every store in the Nashville area we researched, a minimum 3/4 ton truck is required for the smallest Bobcat skid steer loader and that's a "good luck with that piece of $%&#" tiny little thing, a 1 ton truck minimum for larger machines. But even if you do have a truck and trailer suitable for self-pickup, you'll still cost yourself as much as Bobcat Man's fee and waste hours of time to boot!

Prove you have valid insurance on the machine and you can skip paying the $45 or so one-day insurance! But who would have that except a Bobcat owner? (Extrapolate that fee yearly: $45/day pro-rates to $16,4250 yearly, one EXPENSIVE policy!) But worse, it's basically for them, not you. The "insurance" you pay through the nose for typically covers only theft, fire, etc. to the machine itself, not damage to it, not injury to others, not other liability. You'll still be responsible for any damage to the machine, and assume almost full liability on the job site.

If the rental quote is $250, plan on incurring as much as $500 to $600 in total costs by checkout. But wait, fail to thoroughly clean the machine? That's okay, just tack on an additional $50 to $175 depending on which store you rent from. For all that dough and hassle, at best, you'll get a little 50 HP or so machine you'll struggle, and struggle mightily with.

Why rent a glorified Tonka Toy when you can hire a highly experienced operator on one of the most powerful machines on the market? For half that price and twice the work done: call the Bobcat Man NOW 855-6630!